Happy Mother’s Day. Get dressed up. (if you want)

a gorgeous bowl full of inedible beauty. might make a good face mask.

My goal is not to be my children’s best friend, but to raise them to be the kind of humans I would WANT to be friends with. Then other people will want to be friends with them, and they won’t traumatize my grandchildren by making them dress like extras from Little House on the Prairie. (Strangely specific right? I wish I had photos. But also I’m glad I don’t have photos.) Also I hope never to cause my children to need anti anxiety medication before they visit me. Some days that feels like a lofty goal, I can be a lot.

I made brunch reservations for today. We went to our favorite steak place in the city. The service was terrible but the meal DEFINITELY tasted better than having to clean the kitchen after Breakfast in Bed. It’s the little things.

Mother’s Day is a weird day for me, two weeks beforehand the memes about how amazing and perfect your mother is start going around, this year there was one about how your mother’s voice works on your brain the same way anti anxiety medication does. *blink*blink* A mother wrote that shit FOR SURE and her children probably feel the same way I do about it. This is my second blog post so I’m not going into my relationship with my mother yet.

Eliza J Floral Bell Sleeve Dress

Brunch means I get to dress up! I got a pretty great dress in one of my Trunk Club trunks. (I’ve got another trunk coming this week, when it gets here I’ll go into it a bit more.)  It isn’t black- and it looks killer on. (this is not a photo of me, this is the photo from the Nordstrom website.)  My shopper is Courtney, and Courtney chooses things for me that I would almost never choose for myself and I love that.

Annnnnnyway. Regardless of your relationship with motherhood I hope you are able to enjoy today for what it is, a day where you should be able to watch Thor Ragnarok for the 26th time without getting any crap about it from anyone in your house.


9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day. Get dressed up. (if you want)

  1. Hm, I thought I updated my profile photo…

    Anyway, Lovely Mother’s Day to you.

    And I know I can say this to you because you won’t feel I’m contradicting you. I think Mother’s Day is just a bunch of hooey. I think I always have. It stems from my mom not liking “Hallmark” holidays (even though they didn’t invent this one), her dying when I was 31, and my son being far away. That is NOT meant to take away from folks who are really into it. Do what you want people!

    Love the dress. LOVE it.

    And I’m the opposite of you in so many ways. I throw catalogs and coupons in the recycling bin when I get them. I purge possessions like a bulimic when I am stressed (and that’s totally P.C. since I’ve struggled with eating disorders, although not bulimia… just starvation as a control thing.) I am a Christ Follower. I’m still in my jammies, and I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and lunch (but I still worked on portion control because every mirror is a funhouse mirror when it reflects me.)

    I use parenthesis way too often.

    I am ecstatic that you have a blog because I love you.

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  2. Yay, the real glasses wearing, gray-haired me showed up! Only for you would I update my WordPress bio and set a new password. For reals.

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  3. YAY this is a fantastic post! Vulnerable, honest, insightful, AND has me coveting a new dress that’s absolutely gorgeous. Everything I hoped you’d bring to the table in a blog! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Also… one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite parents (let's not get into how many parents I have, that's way too confusing a conversation for right now):

    "The reason parents can push your buttons so easily and so well is because they're the ones that installed them." -my stepmom

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