On Wednesdays We Drink Pink.

Until the box was brought into my office just now I had completely forgotten that I ordered Dave and I each our own box of glasses of Rosé from Vinebox. Before Christmas I bought myself their wine Advent calendar and those were delicious, so getting the “Shades of Summer” collection made sense. I love summer, I love wine, I love drinking wine in summer… see? a no brainer.

I support any wine that I can pair with grilled cheese or Doritos 
Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish you were drinking with me!

Vinebox is a monthly subscription box that sends wine by the glass in the coolest glass vials. The part of me that is a giant packaging nerd would probably be thrilled with these shipments even if the wine were only ok. But the wine has been really enjoyable and drinkable so far. Subscriptions to Vinebox are also one of my favorite gifts to give when I have no idea what the heck to get someone and I know they like wine.

I’ve got a $10 discount for anyone who might like to bring some delicious wine in some great product packaging into their lives. 

Other than grilled cheese and Doritos what are things that you would pair with Rosé? All of a sudden all I want is Watermelon & Feta with Mint Salad…


3 thoughts on “On Wednesdays We Drink Pink.

  1. Haha I opened my first bottle of Rose of the season yesterday. Hilarious coincidence. I didn’t pair it with anything though. 😛

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