Three Favorites Thursday. v4.

Another week, another Thursday where the news cycle has had me in constant fight or flight. That alone is probably going to cause our entire generation to live shorter lives than our Boomer antecedents. Thanks for weakening unions, Brenda, glad you’re about to get your vested pension though. Love you, mean it.

So… things that are my favorite. (other than the basics like clean water, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, marriage equality – which just turned 3- Happy Birthday!)

We will call today’s list: Summertime Hygge. Because hibernation with the people we love, candlelight, good books and conversation over wine aren’t only for winter.




Get yours HERE. (you’ll be glad you did)

I love being cozy. Being cozy is my favorite. For this reason I own 23 pair of Lularoe leggings and they’re the thing I put on as soon as I get home. I’m sure you know a dozen people who sell those so I won’t hit you with another, but I will hit you with the most comfortable cardigans ever ever ever. I called them “kryptonite cardigans” to my Trunk Club stylist and she sent me TWO in my next box. (My fault for announcing my weakness like that). I love this style with the ruched sleeve, it keeps them looking a little more polished, and they look nice over little dresses at work, bringing the cozy feeling to the summertime air conditioned office. Nordstrom has some on sale pretty much all the time. They’re so soft it’s almost unfair to every other article of clothing you thought was comfortable before. These are true to size and wash and wear well.




Since the goal is summer coziness in the face of uncertainty and anxiety #2 has to be the weighted blanket I referenced last week. I bought the:

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose, 15 lbs 60″x 80″, Thin Gravity 2.0 Blanket, Great Sleep Therapy for People with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Insomnia or Stress, Dark Grey

I know I mentioned it very briefly last week but I love it, it isn’t as heavy as is recommended for my weight but I want to be able to carry it around or fold it without pulling something, and I’m not sure it’s “cooling” but it is definitely cool and never makes me feel as if I’m over-heating. I didn’t buy a duvet cover for it so I can’t speak to those. Also it makes for an excellent nap.

10 outta 10. Would buy again.



Three is Thor: Ragnarok. No, I’m kidding. Though after cocktails last night I DID fall asleep watching it again. You gotta do what you gotta do to get through the next few years.

My other other favorite thing this week is art. Specifically from the Cactus Art Gallery in LA. Their exhibits are SO FUN. Their artists are diverse and interesting and the subject matter is as well.  I got this one recently- I’d been eyeing it and went back this week to discover it was still unsold – so that’s a sign, right?

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.32.46 AM
cutie little owl. eeee. this is going into my studio when I get it.

I think this is my third or 4th piece from the Cactus Gallery. Their pricing is accessible and it doesn’t feel stuffy but still feels like I’m putting a nice collection together.

Their current show is called Board and Room in a Mushroom… and I want all of it.



Support artists (and all fellow humans) with encouragement – even when we aren’t making a sale it is still nice to hear that our work says something to you.






2 thoughts on “Three Favorites Thursday. v4.

  1. I am participating in “No Buy July,” which is forcing me to look at my closet and make use of what I have there. It has been a good year for mix and match and for trying new things. But it’s still June. So yesterday I went to TJ Maxx and got some workout clothes, I’m joining Planet Fitness and treating it as mental health therapy so this year is not like last. Heck, I went to OT for my hand three times a week for 20 months, I can do this…Anyway, again, since it’s not yet JULY, and since my husband likes me in stripes, and since I’m often cold in AC, I bought a cardi. Dang you woman! Many thanks for not posting this next week though!

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